Q: What kind of research do you do?

A: As mentioned earlier, our research fields are "emotion and technology", "emotion and management", "gerontechnology", etc. In addition, we research about "climate around human", "emotion itself", "emotional design". Please click here and check graduation thesis and master's thesis for more information.


Q: How to decide a research topic?

A: You can choose and decide a topic with discussing with professor. Basically, it's up to you to decide what topic you want study. The topics of graduation thesis are decided in summer of senior, the topics of master's thesis are in winter as a first year master's student.


Q: How to proceed a research?

A: You will take a seminar with professor for each year once per week. You will proseed a research while repeating preparing for a seminar and discussion with professor. Of course, you can get feedback by professor besides seminar and discuss with other members of laboratory.


Q: Are the topics of graduation thesis and master's thesis in common?

A: Many students' topics are different. It is possible to research the topic of graduation and master's thesis in same field, however we decide the topic by oneself, the topics stand for the interesting of member.


Q: Researchs are done by individuals or teams?

A: We research by individual. But, it is not personal work because we can discuss with other members of laboratory and get ideas from others in all-lab seminor.
On the other hand, you will also take a team-seminor and it is completely group activity.

Q: How busy is it in your lab?

A: Our lab maybe a little bit busier than others in our department. However it depends on how you manage time. More than half of us do part-time job, that means you have enough discretionary time if you can manage it. Please check lab schedule.



Q: Is there core time in your lab?

A: No, we don’t have core time. You come to or leave lab any time except of attending scheduled seminars.


Q: Are some seminars in Japanese?

A: All seminars such as all-lab, reading, individual & team seminars which international members attend are in English. Of course presentations are in English too.


Q: Is it hard to do research in your lab?

A: It’s hard to do that in every lab in Tokyo tech. Especially Umemuro lab members all have high motivation for research!


Q: What kinds of member are there in Umemuro lab?

A: We have a lot of kinds of characteristic such as talkative, accommodating and cat lover. Our research is related to Affective, and lab members also are interested in emotion or human. Please check member introduction page.



Q: How is the atmosphere in Affective lab?

A: Our lab atmosphere is lively and homelike. We have a lot of events such as drinking party at lease once in a month, international day or Christmas decoration, so we all get closed.


Q: I don’t have any knowledge about your research area, can I apply your lab?

A: Of couse, Yes! We really welcome members who have different background. If you're interested in us, please visit or contact us.



Q: Is there lab trip?

A: Yes, we have camp in September. There we have workshops and a lot of discussion, of course sight seeing.