Our research targets are "Human".





Human's affect, behavior and thinking

  • Measurement of affect
  • Affect and flavor
  • Affect and tactile sense
  • Personality
  • Approach of system supporting inspiration
  • Difference of personal thinking pattern
  • Creativity
  • AMANOJYAKU behavior
  • Bias in decision making
  • Destination image in film tourism
  • Human behavior and perception time

「Human × Affective, Behavior or Thinking」

Human and Design

  • Perceived Quality
  • User Experience
  • Tool for supporting "Design"

「Human × Design」

Human and Product or Service

  • Human Attitude toward Robots
  • Perceived features of Robots
  • Proposals on systems
  • Omotenashi
  • Wow experience
  • Affective experience
  • Technology acceptance/Technology learning by elderly people
  • Emotional Labor
  • Individual difference and perceived product value
  • Relation between Impression and Emotion
  • Analysis of products or services which utilize negative emotion
  • Relationships between involvement and emotion

Human and Business Management

  • Affective Management

「Human and Business Management」

Human and Community or Environment

  • Influence of Emotional Intelligence on team performance
  • Approach of system supporting child's growth
  • Research of "cozy" factor (cosy = IGOKOCHI)
  • Workplace environment
  • Decision Making Process of “Air of the Place”
  • Altruistic behavior

「Human and Community or Environment」


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