This is mind map to introduce our laboratory research


Measurement of affect

  • "Sensor-based estimation of psychological states"
(2011. Conference)
  • "Unobtrusive estimation of psychological states based on human movement observation"
(2009. Conference)

Affect and tactile sense

  • "Emotion Evoked by Texture and Application to Emotional Communication"
(2014. Undergraduate thesis)


  • "Personality and Mental Health Assessment: A Sensor-based Approach to Estimate Personality and Mental Health"
(2011. Journal)

Thinking and creativity

  • "A study on the relationships between the performance of intuition and the state of the physical activity"

(2007. Master Thesis)

  • "Implementation of the moderate supporting system for divergent thinking by showing images continually with text-based genetic algorithm"

(2007. Master Thesis)

 AMANOJYAKU behavior

  • "AMANOJYAKU behavior: Systematization of “amanojyaku behavior” and the relationships between “Amanojyaku behavior” and the personality"

(2014. Master Thesis)

 Bias in decision making

  • ""

(2015. Master Thesis)