Influence of Emotional Intelligence on team performance

  • "Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Group Work Satisfaction"

(2013. Master Thesis)

Approach of system supporting child's growth

  • "The Approach of the Story Co-creating System for Developing Perspective-taking of Children"

(2009. Master Thesis)

Research of "cozy" factor (cosy = IGOKOCHI)

Workplace environment

  • "Workplace Environment Characteristics as Antecedents of Affective Well-being in the Workplace"

(2012. Journal)

Decision Making Process of “Air of the Place”

  • "Decision Making Process of “Air of the Place”: The Model and Development of the Measurement of the Processing Skill"

(2015. Master Thesis)

Altruistic behavior

  • "Influence of altruism to the party without reciprocity on society considering influence on the third party"

(2011. Master Thesis)